Siena Storytelling Workshop

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Just like any other profession, a photographer needs to constantly learn. Workshops, classes, online courses, whatever is necessary to either keep up with what you are doing, or extend your knowledge.

That is what took me to Siena, to follow a week long course of story telling. With teachers like Randy Olson and Melissa Farlow, both photographers for the National Geographic Magazine, and a location such as the medeaval town of Siena, not much could go wrong.

We were 10 photographers, from all over the world, all wanting to learn more about how to tell a story with photographs. Already on the first night, even before class had started, each one of us was introduced to our local ‘resident’, whom we were supposed to follow for a day,  shooting all we could, and later telling the story of this person’s daily life. There was a priest, a pizza man, a restaurant owner, an artist,… and I had to cover a day in the life of a traditional tailor. Exciting!

First, our teachers taught us what we should shoot exactly, and on day 3 we ready to go on the road and try it out.

My tailor -Vinicio- was a lovely, sweet and funny man, even though communication was difficult, if not nonexistent. He only spoke Italian, with a heavy accent, and my Italian is quite rusty. (I don’t actually speak Italian). So apart from following him around and shooting his pictures, I had a full day of smiling and nodding, and no talking.

The shooting of the pictures was the easiest thing, bringing them back into a short story was the hardest, and that is where Randy and Melissa came in to help and teach.

Story lines, no speed bumps, no repetition, and many more tips!

Now all I must do, is bring my story telling skills into practice.

Disclosure, the exhibition on video

Many of you have visited me on my exhibition last month. It took place in the beautifully restored city palace on the Coupure in Gent, now instead of a family residence, a co-working space called Ampla House.

During 3 weekends an overview of my work was on show in the different spaces on the 3 floors, and every visitor was invited for a glass of wine in the bar.

It was a huge succes and the works looked perfect in this location.

If you want to go through the exhibition another time, check out this  video

Feel free to contact me if you want to see some of the works in real life again!

Thank you all for coming!!

Disclosure, the book.

I have been working on this for a while now, although, it wasn’t me who did the work. Christophe Lambert, who is a great writer, write down my story, in combination with a selection of my photos. It has become a real pearl, a combination of both a pleasant read and an overview of my pictures ánd my career as a photographer.

boek sq

It’s out now! click here to look inside the book, and send me a text, email or fill in the form on this page when you want to order.

Qualified European Photographer

Yes! It’s a fact! I have received the QEP award!

Qualified European Photographer, QEP, is an official qualification system issued by the Federation of European Photographers (FEP), the European umbrella organization of professional photographers, awarding the photographer for his high professional skills. In order to be recognized, the photographer must submit a series of 12 photographs revealing his technical and creative excellence, while the photos must also have a certain ‘wow’ content. They are awarded by a five-member international jury.

In the whole Europe there are about 500 QEP photographer, and  only about 60 Belgians have received the award.  I am now one of them.

There are different categories, and I obtained the QEP for the reportage photos taken during the holi festival in India. This is a Hindu festival in which the beginning of spring, as wel as the victory of good over evil are celebrated. It’s a festival of love, friendship and a lot of colour. People go dancing in the temples, while they throw paint (called Gulal) at each other.  For this series, I joined the celebrations with my well protected cameras at hand. It was challenging, but lots of fun, after a few minutes I was already one of them, unrecognisable.

HOLI 2018 © Pascale Vandewalle_40R6608 kattiThe award was handed over to me during an official ceremony in the local town hall, by our mayor Pieter De Crem, after speeches given by several colleagues, and followed by a reception organised by the town of Aalter.

The news has made it to the paper (Nieuwsblad and Het Laatste Nieuws) and it resulted in a radio interview on Radio 2.

The original QEP images are still on view on my exhibition ‘disclosure’ in Ampla house Coupure Rechts 88 in Gent. Saturday and Sunday, 17-18th and 24-25th of November.



Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 19.54.54.png


Well whatever you are, wherever you go, however good you might be at what you do, whatever your profession is, constant education is a necessity. There is always something left to learn, there is always something you need to know or something that might make your life (and work) easier.

So extra classes is something I constantly take and look for. Like this one, organised by the ‘Belgische Vereniging van Beroepsfotografen’ called ‘light’. We got together 10 times in different locations, all professional photographers wanting to improve their skills around everything that has some relation to ‘light’.

Today was the last one.

We went to the Abbey of Zevenkerken, Loppem, where we took a picture of the ‘father abbot’ in the chapel, had a picnic in the park (yes, apart from work there is always some time fun and relaxing, and we do need to eat anyway, don’t we?) and shot moving objects (in this case mountain bikers) with flash in the forrest.


The trick with the father abbott was about getting the color of the light, which was a combination of natural light coloured through the stained glass windows, and the fill-in flash, perfectly aligned.

The trick with the bikers was to freeze the object and have the background moving, or rather, getting the impression that the biker was very fast by having the background blurred.

_KTI8636Above you can see the result of my bikers pictures, and off ‘us’, ‘at work’…

Apart from the learning process and the practicing, the socialising and getting to know colleagues, discussing problems related to work and exchanging ideas and tips, is as important. Not to forget the fun we have…!

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